WSGI Tackling Framework (WTF)

WTF (WSGI Tackling Framework) is a WSGI based meta-framework written in python with optional speedup code written in C.

WSGI is described here: <>

Meta-framework means, that the package helps you build your own framework out of it.

WTF is currently available for python2 versions only (starting with python 2.4). Python 3 is not supported yet.


A generated API documentation is the only thing available right now.

Development Status

WTF does its work very well, but I’m still seeing the package in alpha stage.


Integrity Check

There are hashes (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256) of the download packages stored in the digests file. In order to check the integrity of the downloaded file, use a tool like md5sum (or sha1sum, sha256sum accordingly), e.g.:

$ md5sum -c wtf-0.8.25.digests
wtf-0.8.25.tar.bz2: OK
wtf-0.8.25.tar.gz: OK
wtf-0.8.25.tar.lzma: OK OK

In order to check the integrity of the digest file itself, you can check the PGP signature of that file. The file is signed by André Malo, Key-ID 0x8103A37E:

$ gpg --verify wtf-0.8.25.digests
gpg: Signature made Thu Feb 18 15:27:02 2016 CET using DSA key ID 8103A37E
gpg: Good signature from "Andre Malo <>"
gpg:                 aka "Andr\xe9\x20Malo <>"
gpg:                 aka "Andre Malo <>"

Vendor Packages

There are no vendor packages available right now.


WTF is available under the terms and conditions of the “Apache License, Version 2.0.” You’ll find the detailed licensing terms in the root directory of the source distribution package or online at


No bugs, of course. ;-) But if you’ve found one or have an idea how to improve WTF, feel free to send a pull request on github or send a mail to <>.

Author Information

WTF was written and is maintained by André Malo.