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# -*- coding: ascii -*-
 Constraint inspection and representation

Constraint inspection and representation.


 Copyright 2010 - 2023
 Andr\xe9 Malo or his licensors, as applicable


 Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
 you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
 You may obtain a copy of the License at

 Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
 distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
 See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
 limitations under the License.

__author__ = u"Andr\xe9 Malo"

import keyword as _keyword
import re as _re
import tokenize as _tokenize

from . import _util

[docs]class Constraint(object): """ Reflected Constraint Attributes: constraint (SA Constraint): Constraint """ _SYMBOL, _IMPORT = None, None
[docs] def __new__(cls, constraint, table, symbols, options=None): """Constraint factory""" if cls == Constraint: name = constraint.__class__.__name__ if name == 'CheckConstraint': return None return globals()[name]( constraint, table, symbols, options=options ) return object.__new__(cls)
[docs] def __init__(self, constraint, table, symbols, options=None): """ Initialization Parameters: constraint (SA Constraint): Constraint table (str): Table varname symbols (Symbols): Symbol table options (str): Options """ self.constraint = constraint self.table = table self._symbols = symbols self._symbols.imports[self._SYMBOL] = self._IMPORT self.options = options
[docs] def copy(self): """Create shallow copy""" return self.__class__( self.constraint, self.table, self._symbols, self.options )
[docs] def __cmp__(self, other): """Compare""" names = [ 'PrimaryKeyConstraint', 'UniqueConstraint', 'ForeignKeyConstraint', 'CheckConstraint', ] def bytype(const): """Sort by type""" try: return names.index(const.__class__.__name__) except IndexError: return -1 return _util.cmp( ( bytype(self.constraint), self.options is not None,, repr(self), ), ( bytype(other.constraint), other.options is not None,, repr(other), ), )
[docs] def __lt__(self, other, _cmp=__cmp__): """Check for '<'""" return _cmp(self, other) < 0
[docs] def repr(self, symbol, args, keywords=(), short=False): """ Base repr for all constraints Parameters: symbol (str): Symbol name args (iterable): Positional arguments keywords (iterable): Keywords arguments to specify short (bool): Short representation (i.e. one-line)? Only applied if there are not too many parameters. Returns: str: The constraint repr """ # pylint: disable = too-many-branches params = [] if is not None: params.append('name=%r' % (,)) if self.constraint.deferrable is not None: params.append('deferrable=%r' % (self.constraint.deferrable,)) if self.constraint.initially is not None: params.append('initially=%r' % (self.constraint.initially,)) for keyword in keywords: if getattr(self.constraint, keyword) is not None: params.append( "%s=%r" % (keyword, getattr(self.constraint, keyword)) ) if short and len(params) > 1: short = False if args: if short: args = ', '.join(args) else: args = '\n ' + ',\n '.join(args) + ',' else: args = '' if short: params = ', '.join(params) if args and params: params = ', ' + params else: params = ',\n '.join(params) if params: params = '\n ' + params + ',' if args or params: params += '\n' return "%s(%s%s)" % (self._symbols[symbol], args, params)
[docs]def access_col(col): """ Generate column access string (either as attribute or via dict access) Parameters: col (SA Column): Column Returns: str: Access string """ try: name = except AttributeError: name = col try: if _util.py2 and isinstance(name, _util.bytes): name.decode('ascii') else: name.encode('ascii') except UnicodeError: is_ascii = False else: is_ascii = True if ( is_ascii and not _keyword.iskeyword(name) and _re.match(_tokenize.Name + '$', name) ): return ".c.%s" % name return ".c[%r]" % name
[docs]class UniqueConstraint(Constraint): """Unique constraint""" _SYMBOL = 'uk' _IMPORT = 'from %(constraints)s import Unique as %(uk)s'
[docs] def __repr__(self): """ Make string representation Returns: str: The string representation """ empty = len(self.constraint.columns) == 0 short = len(self.constraint.columns) <= 1 result = self.repr( self._SYMBOL, [ "%s%s" % (self.table, access_col(col)) for col in self.constraint.columns ], short=short, ) if empty: result = "# %s" % result return result
[docs]class PrimaryKeyConstraint(UniqueConstraint): """Primary Key constraint""" _SYMBOL = 'pk' _IMPORT = 'from %(constraints)s import PrimaryKey as %(pk)s'
[docs]class ForeignKeyConstraint(Constraint): """ForeignKey constraint""" _SYMBOL = 'fk' _IMPORT = 'from %(constraints)s import ForeignKey as %(fk)s'
[docs] def __repr__(self): """ Make string representation Returns: str: The string representation """ columns = "[%s]" % ',\n '.join( [ "%s%s" % (self.table, access_col(col)) for col in self.constraint.columns ] ) refcolumns = "[%s]" % ',\n '.join( [ "%s%s" % ( self._symbols[u'table_%s' %], access_col(key.column), ) for key in self.constraint.elements ] ) keywords = ['onupdate', 'ondelete'] if self.constraint.use_alter: keywords.append('use_alter') result = self.repr('fk', [columns, refcolumns], keywords) if self.options: cyclic = self.constraint.use_alter if self.options.startswith('seen:'): table = self.options.split(None, 1)[1] if cyclic: result = '\n# Cyclic foreign key:\n' + result else: result = '\n# Foreign key belongs to %r:\n%s' % ( table, result, ) elif self.options.startswith('unseen:'): table = self.options.split(None, 1)[1] result = result.splitlines(True) if cyclic: result.insert( 0, 'Cyclic foreign key, defined at table %r:\n' % table, ) else: result.insert(0, 'Defined at table %r:\n' % table) result = '\n' + ''.join(['# %s' % item for item in result]) return result