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Module cia_xmlrpc

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CIA XML-RPC Notifier

This notifier delivers a notification message in XML format to a CIA server. The data delivered contains in particular:

The notifier runs only in the post-commit hook. For activation you need to supply the cia_rpc_server option in [general] and at least a cia_project_name in the group that should be tracked by CIA.

Author: Andr\xc3\xa9 Malo

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The CIA XML-RPC Notifier class
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getNotifier(config, groupset)
Returns an initialized notifier or nothing
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  __package__ = 'svnmailer.notifier'
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getNotifier(config, groupset)

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Returns an initialized notifier or nothing

  • config (svnmailer.settings.Settings) - The svnmailer config
  • groupset (list) - The groupset to process
Returns: list
The list of notifiers (containing 0 or 1 member)