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Class TruncatingFileStream

  object --+        
 _BaseStream --+    
TruncatingStream --+

Truncating stream, which writes the truncating note on close
Method Summary
Closes the stream
    Inherited from TruncatingStream
  __init__(self, stream, maxsize, add_note)
int getTruncatedLineCount(self)
Returns the number of truncated lines
Returns the content
  seek(self, position, mode)
Sets the file position
  write(self, towrite)
Writes a string up to the limit
  writeWithoutTruncation(self, towrite)
Writes without truncation
    Inherited from _BaseStream
  __getattr__(self, name)
Delegates all undefined attributes to the stream
  writelines(self, lines)
Write a list of strings
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Instance Variable Summary
    Inherited from TruncatingStream
int current: The number of bytes received
str lastchar: The last character written
int maxsize: The maximum size in bytes
int trunced: The number of lines truncated (maybe actual-1)
    Inherited from _BaseStream
file stream: The wrapped stream

Method Details


Closes the stream

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