Package wtf :: Package app :: Module http_response :: Class SeeOther
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Class SeeOther

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              object --+                    
exceptions.BaseException --+                
       exceptions.SystemExit --+            
                    HTTPResponse --+        
                       _BaseRedirect --+    
                    HTTPRedirectResponse --+

303 See Other (RFC 2616)
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Inherited from _BaseRedirect: headers, init

Inherited from HTTPResponse: __init__, body

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Class Variables [hide private]
str message = '<p>The answer to your request is located <a href="%...
Message template
str reason = 'See Other'
HTTP response reason phrase
int status = 303
HTTP response status

Inherited from HTTPResponse (private): _FRAME

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Inherited from HTTPResponse: param

Inherited from HTTPResponse (private): _content_type, _escaped, _replace

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Inherited from exceptions.SystemExit: code

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Message template
'<p>The answer to your request is located <a href="%(location)s">here<\