Package wtf :: Package app :: Module http_response :: Class UpgradeRequired
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Class UpgradeRequired

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              object --+            
exceptions.BaseException --+        
       exceptions.SystemExit --+    
                    HTTPResponse --+

426 Upgrade Required (RFC 2817)
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init(self, tokens)
Add upgrade tokens
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headers(self, collection)
Modify response headers
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Class Variables [hide private]
str message = '<p>The requested resource can only be retrieved\nus...
Message template
str reason = 'Upgrade Required'
HTTP response reason phrase
int status = 426
HTTP response status

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init(self, tokens)

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Add upgrade tokens
  • tokens (iterable) - List of upgrade tokens to advertise
Returns: tuple
Tuple of unescaped and escaped parameters ((dict, dict))
Overrides: HTTPResponse.init

headers(self, collection)

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Modify response headers
Overrides: HTTPResponse.headers

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Message template
'''<p>The requested resource can only be retrieved
using SSL.  The server is willing to upgrade the current
connection to SSL, but your client doesn\'t support it.
Either upgrade your client, or try requesting the page
using https://.</p>'''