Package wtf :: Package impl :: Package http :: Module _request :: Class ResponseStatusWaitState
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Class ResponseStatusWaitState

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 BaseState --+

Waiting for status line

States to go from here:

Instance Methods [hide private]
send_status(self, status)
Send status line
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Inherited from BaseState: __init__, finish_headers, read_headers, read_request, request_body_stream, response_body_stream, send_continue, send_headers

Inherited from BaseState (private): _send_continue, _set_state

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Class Variables [hide private]
bool response_started = False
Was the response already started?
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Inherited from BaseState (private): _request

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Method Details [hide private]

send_status(self, status)

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Send status line
  • status - The status line (3 digit code, space, reason)
Overrides: BaseState.send_status