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Module svnmailer.cli

The svnmailer provides two different command line interfaces. On the one hand there's the compatibility command line to the script, which has some limitations and problems because of its unflexibility. On the other hand you'll find the new-style command line, which contains no subcommands and fixed parameters at all.

The CLI simply transforms old-style command lines to the new format internally and processes these further using the optparse module:

   svn-mailer commit <rep> <rev> [<config>]
-> svn-mailer --commit --repository <rep> --revision <rev>
             [--config <config>]

   svn-mailer propchange <rep> <rev> <author> <prop> [<conf>]
-> svn-mailer --propchange --repository <rep> --revision <rev>
              --author <author> --propname <prop>
             [--config <conf>]

   # (available with svn 1.2 and later)
   svn-mailer propchange2 <rep> <rev> <author> <prop> <action> [<conf>]
-> svn-mailer --propchange --repository <rep> --revision <rev>
              --author <author> --propname <prop> --action <action>
             [--config <conf>]

   svn-mailer lock <rep> <author> [<conf>]
-> svn-mailer --lock --repository <rep> --author <author>
             [--config <conf>]

   svn-mailer unlock <rep> <author> [<conf>]
-> svn-mailer --unlock --repository <rep> --author <author>
             [--config <conf>]

OptionParser Fully initialized option parser

CommandlineError Error in commandline
Error Base exception for this module

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