Package svnmailer
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Package svnmailer

This is the svnmailer package. It contains all logic to post subversion event notifications. The package is intended to be used by the svn-mailer command line script.
  • browser: This package contains the different browser URL generator classes.
  • cli: The svnmailer provides two different command line interfaces.
  • differ: Differ classes
  • main: This module is the central core of the svnmailer.
  • notifier: Package svnmailer.notifier
    • cia_xmlrpc: This notifier delivers a notification message in XML format to a CIA server.
    • mail: Text based email notifiers (either piped to a program or via SMTP)
    • news: Text based news notifier (via NNTP)
    • selector: notifier selector module
    • stdout: Stdout notifier - mostly for debugging purposes
  • processes: This module contains a portable class (Process) for process creation with pipes.
  • settings: This package is responsible for all settings logic.
  • stream: svnmailer stream objects
  • subversion: Access to the subversion respository
  • util: This module contains some utility functions and classes used in several places of the svnmailer.

Variable Summary
_Version version: Version of the svnmailer package

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Version of the svnmailer package
<svnmailer.version 1.1.0-dev-r1373>                                    

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