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Module svnmailer.processes

This module contains a portable class (Process) for process creation with pipes. It has a a quite general character and can be easily used outside of the svnmailer as well.

The Process class uses an implementation which depends on the runtime. Which implementation is chosen can be determined via the Process.IMPLEMENTATION class variable. These are the possibilities (and they are tried in this order):

The subprocess module is used. This is available in python 2.4 and later by default.
The popen2.Popen3 class is used. This is available in python 2.3 on supported platforms (notably Win32 isn't one of them)
Processes are created using the Win32 API (CreateProcess etc). The utilized package is PyWin32, which is included in ActivePython by default.
If none of the above possibilities is available, the dumb implementation is chosen. This uses the popen* functions from the os module. Various combinations of pipe parameter combinations are not available in this implementation. NotImplementedError is raised in this case.

Process Spawn a child with certain attributes

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